Virtual Symposium 2021

April 1 – December 31, 2021

Throughout 2021, we will host a virtual symposium on this site, dedicated to showcasing undergraduate science research. You might wonder what a symposium is. The Oxford Dictionary defines it as

Symposium (noun): a formal occasion when specialists in a particular area meet to discuss a subject of interest to them

Our virtual symposium will be asynchronous–authors may submit their posters and videos to the Director of Undergraduate Research (Dr. Matthew Civiletti) via this link. They will be showcased here. Submission of videos is generally optional, but is mandatory to enter the author into the Symposium 2021 Competition, the winners of which will announced here. The Office of Undergraduate Research will choose the top three research presentations, considering both posters and videos, and present first, second, and third place awards to these students. These students will be awarded $500, $300, and $100.