QC Research Connect

QC Research Connect is a tool designed to connect undergraduates with faculty mentors. Feel free to contact one or more of the below faculty, each having a separate tab containing their contact information. Please bear in mind that some faculty have requirements; these are written in their tabs. Your emails should contain proper salutations and valedictions (greetings and endings), and they should be written professionally and concisely, in complete sentences with proper grammar and punctuation. In your initial communications with faculty, please try to describe:

  1. your name, research and coursework background, and any information that’s relevant to the mentor. For instance, a mentor may wish to know if you’ve taken a specific course, or learned a specific programming language. These may be listed on their website, and/or in the blurb in the their tab on this page.
  2. how much time you’re willing and able to dedicate to research, and when you’d like to work with your mentor (during semesters, only during summers, etc.).
  3. why you’re interested in this research. It would be helpful to give faculty an idea of your long-term plans, if you have any. These might include graduate school, medical school, work immediately after leaving Queens College, etc.

You should keep your email to a short paragraph or less. Please remember that faculty are very busy, just as you are, and may need time to reply. If you do not get a response within two weeks, you may try again. Give more time during time periods when exams are typically given.

Professor Jeff BeelerBehavioral Neuroscience

Email: jbeeler@qc.cuny.edu
Office: RZ 364

Send email to the address above and indicate your class standing (sophmore etc), when you expect to graduate, what your post graduation goals are, whether you have any prior research experience (if so what, when, how long), what semesters you are looking to work in the lab and number of hours per week you are anticipating have to work on research, and why you are interested in my lab in particular.

Professor Matthew Civiletti, Inflationary Cosmology

Email: matthew.civiletti@qc.cuny.edu
Office: SB320

I am looking for students interested in doing research in theoretical cosmology. It’s extremely helpful to have taken first and second semester calculus-based physics. Please see my site for more information and to contact me.

Chemistry and Biochemistry
Professor Cherice M. EvansPhysical Chemistry

Email: cherice.evans@qc.cuny.edu
Phone: 718-997-4216
Room: Remsen 206G
Please fill out the form. Results will be emailed to the faculty of interest.

Professor William H. Hersh, Organic Chemistry

Interest: Synthesis of cationic biodegradable polymers for mRNA and DNA binding and delivery
Email: william.hersh@qc.cuny.edu
Phone:  718-997-4144
Room: Remsen 109B
Website: http://chem.qc.cuny.edu/~whersh

Professor Gopal SubramaniamNMR, Chemistry Education

Email: Gopal.Subramaniam@qc.cuny.edu
Phone: 718-997-4123
Room: Remsen 206C

Professor Chen WangPhysical Chemistry

Email: chen.wang@qc.cuny.edu
Phone:  718-997-4100
Room: Remsen 206G

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